White Sapphire Stone

White sapphire is one of the most stunning varieties of the sapphire family. The stone appears to be white but is actually colorless and transparent, which gives the illusion that it is white. It is known as Safed Pukhraj in Hindi and Shveet Pukhraj in Sanskrit. It is an alternative to diamond.

White Sapphire

What is a white sapphire stone?

White sapphire is a very transparent, colorless variety of sapphire that belongs to the corundum mineral family. This lovely, valuable stone, which typically has a hazy white appearance, is worn to advance one's creative career, luxurious living, and other endeavors.

White sapphire has Venus as its ruling planet. Venus is the planet that brings good fortune, beauty, happy marriages, and an increase in creativity and self-assurance. White sapphire can be used in place of diamonds and has all the same qualities. All the qualities, from ruling planets to astrological advantages, are comparable. On the Mohs scale, safed pukhraj has a hardness of 9.

What are the benefits of wearing White Sapphire Stone?

The white sapphire stone offers its wearer an artistic temperament and boosts their creativity.

It is also beneficial in getting marital bliss. People who are working in travel, tourism, beauty related industries, artistic endeavors, hospitality, and the import and export,  white sapphire are extremely useful to them.

This gemstone cleanses negative energy and thoughts, bringing quiet, peace, and joy into the wearer's head. In order to treat venereal diseases and facilitate conception, the natural white sapphire stone is known to have an impact on the reproductive organs.

What are the properties of White Sapphire Stone?

According to astrologers, white sapphire gemstone astrology is accurate and has a crown chakra.

It helps to treat gynecological diseases, urinary infections, diabetes, infertility, gastric issues etc. 

This gemstone is effective in treating thyroid issues and improving the nervous system's blood vessel strength. It strengthened bonds by erasing the trauma of the past. You will see remarkable results if you try wearing white sapphire if you are sick of having frequent migraines or depression.

Where is the white sapphire stone found?

In addition to other locations, Sri Lanka, Burma, Australia, Thailand, Tanzania, and Cambodia also have large deposits of natural white sapphire.

Due to its extraordinary clarity and large size, Sri Lankan or Ceylonese white sapphire is recognised as the most sought-after variety which makes it the most expensive.

What color is white sapphire stone?

Any colorless or white gem-quality corundum is referred to as a white sapphire. It is a purest form corundum family which is colorless and translucent. Corundum that is red and of gem quality is known as ruby, while all other corundum is known as sapphire.

What are the uses of white sapphire stone?

White sapphires are used in engagement rings because of their durability. White sapphires also have a lot of astronomical values. They represent the strong spirit that guides the bearer through life. 

According to Indian astronomers, it improves mental clarity, prosperity, intuition, and self-control. They have been used for protection and spirituality for generations all across the world. It is used for decision-making as well as for power or strength. It promotes mental stability and control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can wear white sapphire stone?

A: Those who have a weak Venus placement, which affects their health and finances, benefit from white sapphire.

It is the birthstone for September-born people.

The people who benefit the most from this stone are those who have strong Libra and Taurus zodiac positions in their birth charts.

Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius zodiac signs can also wear white sapphire. The ring finger of the left hand for left-handed people and the right hand for right-handed people should be worn with the gemstone. You can wear the gemstone in a ring, bracelet, pendant, etc.

Q: Why is white sapphire so cheap?

A: Of course, when it comes to cost and size, white sapphire is the undisputed champion. For any given carat size, white sapphires are far less expensive than diamonds. As a result, you may get a significantly larger white sapphire than a diamond for the same amount of money. 

This is due to the fact that White Sapphire, unlike most Blue Sapphire, grows in the crust of the earth and is naturally white as well.

Q: Is white sapphire a precious stone?

A: Even white sapphires, which also include diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, are one of the four precious gemstones. As a result, even if they aren't diamonds, they are still unique and rare. White sapphires should be carefully chosen, just like all other gemstones.

Q: How can you tell a real white sapphire?

A: White sapphires have a more muted, silvery brilliance than moissanite, CZ, or diamonds. And it's a lot heavier! The white sapphire's sharp facet edges differentiate it from other white gemstones like white topaz, rock crystal (white quartz), or paste (white glass used in jewelry).

That's because White Sapphire ranks a 9/10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it a very tough gemstone! As a result, it resists deterioration considerably better than Topaz, Quartz, or Paste (which will more rapidly exhibit the micro-cracking known as "abrasion" on their facet edges).

Q: Can white sapphire be worn in gold?

A: White sapphire can be worn as a pendant or ring, according to Vedic astrologers, but it needs to be set in silver or white gold. If it's a ring, it should be placed on the right hand's ring finger or middle finger.

Q: What month is white sapphire birthstone?

A: White sapphire is the birthstone for April, which is associated with the ascendants of Gemini, Taurus, and Libra. For people born under these signs, the white sapphire symbolizes love, elegance, and marital bliss. Moreover, ascendant Virgo, Capricorn, or Aquarius signs can wear white sapphire.

Q: What is the history of white sapphire?

A: White sapphire was found on the island of Naxos by the ancient Greeks, who connected it to Apollo, the sun and light deity. 

According to tradition, Pythia, the priestess of prophecy, received white sapphires as a gift because Apollo was also the deity of prophecy.

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