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Custom Gemstone Jewelry

When worn, jewelry may reveal a lot about the wearer, and for the majority of people, it has both emotional and financial significance. Even so, not everyone is aware of all that goes into making jewelry, despite how significant and valuable it is. This is particularly relevant to the distinctions between mass-produced and custom-made jewelry. 

This blog article will help you understand custom gemstone jewelry in detail.

What is Custom Designed Gemstone Jewellery?

Typically, custom-made jewelry is unique. People who wear personalized jewelry are aware that no one else owns the same piece as them. Custom jewelry can be made to suit a person's preferences in terms of metals and gemstones, and it can even reuse metal or stones from earlier creations.

You can create a piece of jewelry that is personalized, significant, and lovely by having someone's name engraved on it or by "building" one from a selection of possibilities. But since custom jewelry is made to order, the design is only ever used once.

The majority of people believe that designing personalized jewelry is challenging. Anything that involves design can seem intimidating. The thought of having to design and plan a piece of jewelry can test our abilities.

Let's bring that moodboard to life!

How do you get a custom piece of jewelry made?

The truth is that creating custom stone jewelry is often much simpler than it appears. It is not required to possess unique abilities or to devote a lot of time to obsessing over jewelry and gemstones. You need to be able to distinguish between the design components you find appealing and those you don't. Most of our customers never considered designing their own jewelry until they became dissatisfied with the selection of designs that are available during a typical jewelry purchase.

How to make customized jewelry?

To create custom jewelry, the first step is to develop confidence in yourself. This process includes some procedures. Wax models are used in the jewelry-making process. Wax is used to create the jewelry, which is then placed in a plaster cast. When the plaster mold is heated, the wax melts away, creating a space where gold or another metal can be poured. The jewelry is then created when the plaster has been broken off.

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What are the crucial points to consider when having custom gemstone jewelry made?

Here are some issues to think about from a design standpoint that will make it a genuinely personalized experience. Even an expert constructing a custom piece requires your participation while developing the piece:

  • What kind of work do you want produced? (Is that an earring or a ring? a pendant? a wedding set?)
  • Do you want a particular color or type of gemstone (for instance, you might want a ring with a blue-colored gemstone or desire a gift set with a particular birthstone)? If so, what kinds of metals would you take into account? (Platinum? Gold? Silver? There are other options?
  • How much can you spend? Remember that personalized jewelry costs more than commercially produced jewelry when compared to like-for-like. The reason for this is that you are paying for a truly unique item that took time and work to develop, find, and construct.
  • Do you have a preferred style? Maybe you visited a store and spotted a style you like? Maybe you've looked into your own artistic ability; in any case, tell the jeweler.
  • How quickly do you require the item? You can't just create custom jewelry overnight. If you act quickly and your jeweler has the gemstones in stock, a piece may take a few days to a few weeks (if the stones need to be sourced and you require intricate work.) Therefore, it pays to plan ahead of time.

What are some of the terms used in gemstone jewelry?

The following terms are used in gemstone jewelry:

  • Carat- A stone's worth is determined by its carat, which refers to the mass of a gem; the larger the carat, the more valuable the stone.  
  • Inclusions - An inclusion in a gemstone might be a crack or bubble that develops as the stone develops over time.

A stone's value may have decreased as a result of inclusions. However, they can also give the stone greater depth and color, giving your jewelry item a more fascinating and one-of-a-kind look.

  • Luster - Luster describes a gemstone's ability to reflect light and the caliber of that light.

This has an impact on how the stone itself looks. It is categorized according to many characteristics, including the refractive index of the stone and the angle at which light strikes the surface.

  • Refractive index - The refractive index is a scale of measurement used to measure how well a mineral transmits light. Scientific point of view, refraction is the slowing down and creation of a light beam at a different angle caused by the bending of light as it passes through a dense object (the gemstone).
  • Gemstone's Fire - It describes how white light goes through a gemstone and divides into a rainbow of hues.

This is more frequently observed in diamonds and is also known as dispersion.

Mohs hardness scale - It's an important term to understand in the field of jewelry manufacturing since it describes a gemstone or mineral's hardness and describes how resistant it is to being damaged when exposed to other materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of custom-designed jewelry?

A: You can choose how much you're willing to spend on custom jewelry in advance. A custom design enables the development of a distinctive piece within your price range. This implies that you will receive a piece of jewelry that is uniquely made for you at a guaranteed value.

You might not have an opinion on the design and main components of a conventional ring when you purchase it. All other features, other than the size that you specify, are entirely up to the jeweler's discretion. You can, however, exercise more control and freedom of choice by choosing custom-made jewelry. It is ideal to have the chance to design a ring that captures the recipient's special personality and ideals. You can also realize your creative visions by designing a piece of unique jewelry.

Custom-made jewelry has a significant emotional value for both the giver and the recipient. You can include a distinctive design feature that suits the recipient's interests and preferences because you have more control over the production process. Because it was made specifically for them, the receiver would regard the item as a priceless item worth cherishing.

Mass-produced traditional jewelry frequently lacks several crucial characteristics and attributes. A jeweler must devote numerous hours and days to creating and perfecting a piece that is specially made for you. Additionally, you have the option to choose premium metals and stones.

Specialty goods like jewelry demand top-notch customer support. Custom jewelers spend a lot of time and energy getting to know you so they can make the jewelry you want. Choosing personalized jewelry ensures that you will receive first-rate customer service both during and after the purchase.

The advantages of creating a unique jeweler are obvious. It offers you the chance to take part in making something that you will treasure forever.

Q: What is custom vs costume jewelry?

A: Costume jewelry is "pretend jewelry" since it impersonates a precious metal, but "custom" is frequently used when producing fine jewelry by hand from a valuable metal. 

Costume jewelry, sometimes known as fashion jewelry, is cheap jewelry manufactured of inferior components. Common base metals used in the creation of costume jewelry include copper, brass, or aluminum. These inexpensive metals might potentially cause allergies and are prone to tarnishing.

Custom jewelry is unique. People who wear customized jewelry are aware that no one else has the same piece, making it distinctly their own. Jewelry made to order can be made to suit a person's preferences in terms of metals and gemstones, and it can even reuse metal or stones from earlier creations.

Q: Is custom-made jewelry more expensive?

A: The common misconception that customized design is usually more expensive than mass-produced items is prevalent in the jewelry industry.

Most of the time, the jeweler can design a piece and choose the metals, diamonds, and other components while keeping your budget in mind. This implies that the price of your handmade jewelry will probably be reasonable. In other cases, you might have to spend a little more to compensate for the creativity or work involved. In the end, though, you'll have a unique item that feels like a wearable work of art and offers you superior value. If you want to wear something special for special events or are planning a dream proposal, you should strongly consider having customized jewelry manufactured.

Q: Does custom jewelry cost more?

A: The fact that the same method is used to create both custom jewelry and other items means that custom jewelry frequently costs less than manufactured pieces. Only when the costs of personalized jewelry are compared to the costs of mass-produced items will you typically notice significant price differences.

Q: What is the difference between 22K and 18K, and which is more durable?

A: Since 22 kt gold contains 91.67% pure gold, it is purer than 18 kt gold, which includes 75% pure gold. Additionally, 18k gold is more resistant to dents and wear than 22k gold since it is tougher and more durable. 22-karat gold can be used to create simple jewelry, but it cannot support the weight of jewels and diamonds in jewelry that is studded.

Therefore, it is advised to create jewelry with diamonds in 18K, while jewelry with gemstones in gold can be created in 22K, 18K, or lower, depending on the specifications.

Q: Do we provide hallmarking in customized jewelry?

A: Yes, obviously. At National Facets, all jewelry has government-approved hallmarking that makes it evident that it is genuine and pure.

It is recommended that you check the hallmark when purchasing gold jewelry to be sure you are getting what you paid for and that the purity is as claimed by the jeweler. In essence, hallmarking centers (AHCs) authorized by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) provide purity certifications. This will be simpler for you now that the government intends to make gold jewelry hallmarking mandatory starting in the following year.

Q: How much time is taken to complete the jewelry?

A: It is challenging to estimate a specific time for all personalized jewelry creations. The design process can take between one and four weeks, depending on modifications, and between two and six weeks to create a custom piece, depending on the design's complexity or the difficulty of finding the proper stones.

Q: Why are the production and design fees so high?

A: The design is one of the key aspects. A delicate, unique design will typically waste more material than a plain design. As a result of the delicate and intricate design of the gold jewelry, the production costs would be higher. Another consideration is whether the jewelry is manufactured by hand or by machine.

Q: Can I return a gemstone that I bought from National Facets and customized into jewelry?

A: Most of the time, items that have been altered by a third-party jeweler, items with customized engravings, or pieces with customized designs cannot be exchanged or returned. In some cases, it will be considerable, but the item must be authentic and come with an original product certificate, original invoice, and original bills.