Lapis Gemstone

Since ancient times, lapis lazuli has been used, and it is still popular today. This gemstone has been prized for its intense blue color and is used for inlay and intarsia, as well as a pigment in cosmetics and artwork. Its contrast and visual appeal make it hard to resist.



What is lapis lazuli gemstone?

Lapis lazuli, or lapis, is a semi-precious deep-blue metamorphic rock that has been treasured for its vibrant color since ancient times.

Lapis lazuli gemstone was mined in the Sar-i Sang mines, Shortugai mines, and other mines in the Badakhshan province of northeastern Afghanistan as early as the 7th millennium BC.

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What are the Properties of lapis lazuli gemstones?

Numerous health advantages of lapis lazuli exist. It improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, cleanses the blood, and lessens any inflammation the body may be experiencing. Additionally, it helps to treat throat, thyroid, and depression-related issues, as well as insomnia. It benefits the neurological system and the respiratory system.

Healing Properties of Lapis Gemstone

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of protection that can be worn to ward off psychic attacks. It immediately relieves stress and promotes inner peace. It promotes harmony and profound inner self-awareness. It promotes self-awareness, permits self-expression, and reveals the inner truth, giving the 

Personality characteristics of honesty, compassion, and morality. Encourages creativity and fosters objectivity and clarity. Lapis Lazuli encourages confidence and helps one face and voice their truth. It strengthens friendships and encourages the expression of sentiments and emotions.

Executives, journalists, and psychologists all benefit greatly from lapis lazuli stones. In addition, Lapis Lazuli is thought to provide significant therapeutic benefits for the vocal cords, larynx, and throat.

What is lapis lazuli gemstone used for?

Lapis can be carved into jewelry, boxes, mosaics, ornaments, miniature statues, and vases, and it polishes beautifully. Lapis can be used to make accents for buildings and furniture.For example, Lapis was used in the construction of two of the columns that surround the iconostasis at Saint Isaac's Cathedral in Saint Petersburg. Lapis was pulverized and treated throughout the Renaissance to create the ultramarine color used in frescoes and oil paintings. When a chemically equivalent synthetic variant became available in the early 19th century, its use as an oil paint pigment generally came to an end.

The Gilson technique, which used to create synthetic ultramarine and hydrous zinc phosphates, is used to imitate or commercially produce lapis lazuli. Spinel, sodalite, colored jasper, or howlite can alternatively be used as substitutes.

What is lapis lazuli gemstone good for?

There are various healing properties in lapis lazuli. This gorgeous indigo and gold gemstone is known for opening the throat and third eye chakras and for defending against mental attacks. Since lapis lazuli is a stone that encourages intelligence and communication, it can help you strengthen your clarity, honesty, and intuition.

What color is lapis lazuli gemstone?

The world over, lapis lazuli is prized for its exquisite deep blue hue. Lapis lazuli's distinctive color is a medium to dark, highly saturated, slightly greenish blue to violetish blue that has been variously described as indigo, royal, midnight, or marine blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is lapis lazuli a gemstone?

A: Since ancient times, the stunning deep-blue metamorphic rock stone has been gaining popularity as a semi-precious gemstone. Its contrast and visual appeal make it hard to resist. 

Q: Which Is The Best Substitute For Lapis Lazuli?

A: The Gilson technique, which is used to create synthetic ultramarine and hydrous zinc phosphates, is used to imitate or commercially produce lapis lazuli. Spinel, sodalite, colored jasper, or howlite can alternatively be used as its substitutes.

Q: How To Wear Lapis Lazuli?

A: On the middle finger of your left hand, you ought to have a lapis lazuli ring. Silver should be used to create the ring or pendant, which will be quite advantageous. The ideal moment to wear a lapis lazuli is on the evening of Krishna Paksha when the moon is at its waning.

Q: Procedure For Wearing Lapis Lazuli:

A: To reap the full benefits of wearing lapis gemstones, there are a few steps to follow.

  • Seated with your back to the north.
  • Till the ritual is complete, put the lapis on water.
  • Offer the lapis some sweets for its mystical power.
  • Turn on a blue candle.
  • Do the medication for 10 to 18 minutes, focusing on any hope or dream, and imagine that it has already come true.
  • Visualizing helps in gem programming and in understanding what you desire.

This procedure can be performed any day.

With the help of this powerful lapis lazuli stone, you will start to notice all positive outcomes.

Q: Why Should You Buy From National Facet?

A: This gem is seen as a symbol of liberty and truth. Shop at National Facet to buy this astonishing stone. You can gift this precious stone to your loved one. We are providing wholesale faceted stones with excellent deals.

Q: What is the spiritual meaning of lapis lazuli?

A: Being a very spiritual stone, lapis lazuli is also regarded as the stone of friendship and truth. Relationships benefit from harmony, affection, and protection. Additionally, it promotes discernment and awareness, which can deepen relationships.

Q: Is lapis lazuli a lucky stone?

A: Yes, Anyone wearing lapis lazuli will be motivated by energies that can transform all negative energy and thoughts into positive and constructive ones. It stands for good luck when you wear lapis lazuli to attract wealth and good luck.

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