What is Sapphire Gemstone?

Sapphire is a precious gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum, consisting of aluminium oxide with trace amounts of elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, vanadium, or magnesium

Sapphire Gemstones

What are the types of Sapphire Gemstone?

  • Blue Sapphires
  • Pink Sapphires
  • Yellow Sapphire gemstone
  • Padparadscha Sapphires
  • Star Sapphires
  • White Sapphire gemstone
  • Sapphire Cabachon

What are the properties of Sapphire Gemstone?

Sapphire Properties

Physical healing

It is believed to focus and calm the mind as well as remove unwanted thoughts, depression, and mental tension. It is known as the stone of new love and commitment and is claimed to be useful in encouraging faithfulness and loyalty. Sapphire benefits in bringing peace of mind, serenity, and prosperity.

Sapphire Geological Properties

Sapphires and rubies are closely related, having corundum as their base mineral. Sapphire actually has a range of colors, from blue to yellow to green to orange-pink. Colorless sapphire loose gemstones are occasionally used as a substitute for diamonds in jewelry. Sapphires look best under natural light; under incandescent lighting, they tend to look dull and unsaturated.

Where does Sapphire Gemstone come from?

Sapphire gemstone is mined primarily in the United States, Australia, China, Thailand, India, Kenya and Nigeria, with Sri Lanka being one of the richest sources dating back to antiquity. 

What color is Sapphire Gemstone?

Sapphire is a precious gemstone that occurs in a range of colors, including:

Blue: This is the most well-known and popular variety of sapphire, prized for its rich blue color.

Pink: This variety of sapphire ranges in color from pale pink to deep pink and is often used in jewelry.

Yellow: This variety of sapphire has a yellow color that can range from light to intense.

Green: This variety of sapphire has a green color that can range from light to dark.

Orange: This variety of sapphire has an orange color and is sometimes referred to as "Padparadscha."

Purple: This variety of sapphire has a purple color that can range from light to intense.

White: This variety of sapphire is colorless and is sometimes used as a diamond substitute in jewelry.

Parti-color: This variety of sapphire has two or more colors in one stone, and is sometimes referred to as "bi-color" or "tri-color" sapphire.

Where to buy Sapphire Gemstone?

You can buy sapphire gemstones from various sources, such as:

Jewelry stores

Online gemstone retailers

Gem and mineral shows

Sapphire wholesale dealer

Also, while you choose to buy sapphire beads online be sure to purchase from reputable sellers to check the quality and authenticity to ensure that it is genuine stones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are sapphire gems expensive?

A: The price of a sapphire gemstone depends on various factors such as the quality, color, size, and origin of the stone. Generally, sapphire gems can be expensive, especially high-quality specimens in rare colors. For example, blue sapphires from certain locations, such as Sri Lanka or Madagascar, are considered particularly valuable, as are large, vividly colored, and eye-clean stones. On the other hand, sapphires of lower quality, with visible inclusions or weaker colors, can be much more affordable. The price range for sapphire gems can vary greatly, from a few hundred dollars for a smaller, lower quality stone, to tens of thousands of dollars for a high-quality, large, and rare specimen.

Q: What are 3 uses of sapphire?


  • Sapphire brings instant success.
  • Sapphire helps in improving concentration and focus towards goals.
  • Blue Sapphire stone empowers and encourages its wearer to fulfill their dreams and gain popularity. 

Q: How do I know if blue sapphire suits me?

A: Sapphire has been worn in jewelry form. From rings to pendants, earrings, and blingy bracelets, you can truly reap the benefits of wearing Sapphire close to the skin. All gemstones sapphire can work at their most powerful when they have close contact with the skin. The presence of the stone against skin can send healing vibrations rippling through - without any material or barrier muffling that powerful magic. 

Wearing a loose sapphire gemstones around the neck can work wonders for the throat chakra as the stone is actively in contact with the throat. This helps it to send those vibrations directly to source and clears any blockages. A pair of Sapphire earrings brings the healing stones into close contact with the third eye chakra.

Q: Who should wear sapphire gemstone?

A: Sapphire is the traditional birthstone for those born in September, but it also works for other air signs too such as Gemini. Ruled by the Planet Saturn, the Sapphire brings grounding, focus, and the strength of self-discipline. Librans are warm, generous, and open characters and the energy of love, beauty, and affection flows from them. They are all about abstaining balance, peace, justice, and connectivity and they share many of these moods in common with the Sapphire stone. Sapphire can strengthen all of the above but can also help balance out the side of Libra that doesn’t always follow through. Because they spend so much time committed to peace-keeping and evaluating every angle, it helps to have a stone that encourages connection to wisdom, truth, and decisive action. 

Q: What color sapphire is best?

A: Color has the greatest influence on a sapphire's value, and preferred sapphires have strong to vivid color saturation. The most valued blue sapphires are velvety blue to violetish blue, in medium to medium-dark tones. Sapphires with these qualities command the highest prices per carat.

Q: What are the top 5 hardest stones?

A: Diamond: 10 on the Mohs scale

Boron: 9.5 on the Mohs scale

Stishovite: 9.5 on the Mohs scale.

Moissanite: 9.25 on the Mohs scale

Titanium Carbide: 9-9.5 on the Mohs scale

Corundum: 9 on the Mohs scale.

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