Natural Chrysoberyl Faceted Pear Loose Gemstone, 13x17 mm, Chrysoberyl Jewelry Making Gemstone, 1 Piece

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The Chrysoberyl gemstone is adorned with mysterious and extraordinary powers along with exceptional medicinal benefits. This is also known as Chrysoberyl Cat 's Eye whereas it is  linked to the dark moon Ketu and is also known as its Southern Nucleus of a Moon. The round approximation size of this gemstone is 13x17mm.  Also, the chrysoberyl stone has been known for its gem of excellence, riches and wealth, and security from threats and risks. Chrysoberyl gemstone helps to promote concentration and the ability to learn, and enables wearer to think clearly and far sightedly. The wearer of the magnificent chrysoberyl gemstone tends to become a more confident person. Whether it is for  jewel purpose, or  healing purposes, aquamarine gemstones have the most exceptional and supernatural powers to do both. Since it is a natural stone, its size and color can vary even if purchased from the same source.


Listing is for 1 Piece of this Gemstone

Stone - Chrysoberyl
Size - 13x17 mm
Shape - Pear
Weight - 13 Carats
Treatment - No Treatment

100% natural & genuine
Measurements and weight are close approximations.

*Note: Color may vary due to characteristics of the natural stone.

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