Quartz crystals that contain the colors of both amethyst and citrine are rare gifts from nature. When quartz displays these colors in a single gem, it is called amethyst-citrine or Ametrine. It is a medium to moderately dark orange, a vivid to strong purple, and a violetish purple to vibrant purple.

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Where Does Ametrine Gemstone Come From?

In addition to eastern Bolivia, i.e. Santa Cruz, some parts of Brazil, Uruguay, and India are excellent sources of ametrine crystals. However, some can also be found in quartz mines. Ametrine natural gems from the Anahi mine in Bolivia are known as Anahi ametrines. Brazilian Ametrine is the second most desired choice after Bolivian ametrines..

How to ensure the quality of Ametrine?

The color of an ametrine crystal determines quality. It usually contains two distinct bands of orange and purple color. Deep, rich-colored ametrine stones with equal amounts of orange and purple are scarce and valuable. Poorly different color bands on pale Ametrine indicate inferior quality.
Inclusions are often present in Ametrine, as in other quartz varieties. It is common for these inclusions to disturb the color quality of the stone, such as tiger stripes, liquid inclusions, internal fractures, and needle-like hematite inclusions. It is also possible to find eye-clean ametrines, but they are uncommon. In addition, the finest quality ametrines are always highly transparent and have minimal eye-visible inclusions.
An ametrine gemstone skillfully faceted always looks brighter, more lustrous, and more transparent. Stones of low quality are often shaped into cabochons to retain their color and weight. Among the most popular and desirable are rectangular and emerald-cut ametrines with a 50/50 ratio of orange and purple bands.
Carat Like every other jewel, a bigger carat size makes the Ametrine stone more valuable and desirable. However, finding Smaller pieces with equally divided colors can also be a challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are synthetics a good option when buying Ametrines?

Ametrine is quite a popular gemstone today. However, due to their limited availability, they are usually manufactured artificially by irradiating quartz minerals at a variable temperature. Though these synthetic or lab-made ametrine loose gemstones are cheap, they are not considered suitable.

How can I assure the quality of an Ametrine?

The quality of your Ametrine should always be assured by asking for a Lab Certificate issued by an authentic gem laboratory, whether you buy it from a local jeweler or an online store.

Are Ametrine and Bolivianite the same?

Since Ametrine is Bolivia's national gemstone, it is also known as Bolivianite. So, yes! The terms are used synonymously. 

Healing and Benefits

An ametrine stone is believed to relieve tensions, bring serenity, stimulate creativity, and balance mental stability and self-confidence as a stone of balance and connection. Due to the fact that both amethyst and citrine are detoxifiers, Ametrine is considered a double boost for removing toxins from your body. 

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