National Facets at Upcoming Tucson Gem Shows: GJX gem and jewelry show & Pueblo gem & mineral show 2022, Tucson.
National Facets

Since 1980

 National facets, a Jaipur based bead manufacturing company handed down over two generations is largely a family run enterprise. 

Our passion for jewellery making goes hand in hand with our dedication to bring the most personal, efficient and high quality service. 

Since 1980, we have been exclusively manufacturing beads and have built a remarkable reputation for supplying high quality gemstone beads.

Our Story

Behind the glamour of the beautiful gemstones are the stories that often go untold. 

At National Facets, we feel that understanding what went into the beads you wear around your neck and the gem on your finger and knowing where it came from, makes it even more memorable and personal. 

Being a part of the gems and jewelry industry for over three generations now, we are one of the world's leading creators of responsibly sourced gemstones. 

Apart from being a tradition and legacy that shaped up year after year in our family, we think it was an outcome of the conscious decision-making we put into it. 

 Going back in time, we believe that it was always about keeping the craft and the passion around it alive and making what the seasons had taught us, better and more refined.

We knew that we couldn't ever take our product, our people and our planet for granted if we wanted to make a difference. So, we made sustainability, our motto.     

National Facets 

Elaborating Every Dimension
We take pride in nothing, but the artistry that we are known for, and we have pledged to only make it onward from here. Today, with two factories and state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, nothing can stop us. Every bit of it goes to the hundreds of artisans that come in every day with the same zeal to create a masterpiece out of sheer skill. Most of these men and women have had this unparalleled expertise in their blood for ages, and we will continue to preserve them in all the ways we can. From sourcing the gemstones to cutting and polishing to making stunning jewelry out of it, we embrace the divinity every step of the way. Nothing is more breathtaking than watching a gemstone getting shaped out of a rock and ultimately becoming a part of a designer's collection.
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Our business is driven by ethics. We recognise our responsibility towards society and environment. We ensure that all our operations- right from sourcing to selling are done honorably. Since, all the selection and workmanship is done under trained eyes and expert supervision, one can always be assured of our Quality, Accuracy and Intergrity.  


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