Natural Black Onyx Smooth Taper Loose Gemstone, 11.5x40.5 mm, Onyx Jewelry Making Gemstone, 1 Pair

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Onyx stone is a variety of chalcedony which is a parallel banded silicate mineral. This dark and dreamy black onyx gemstone is beloved by goddesses and queens. Even cleopatra was believed to keep the stone close as it was known for its potent protective powers.  Onyx stone is commonly known for its shades of protection against negative energy. Also,it keeps the senses sharpened and encourages a steadfast approach to a life filled with joy and fortune. Whether it is for  jewel purpose, or  healing purposes, onyx gemstones have the most exceptional and supernatural powers to do both. The round approximation size of this gemstone is 11.5 x  40.5 mm. Since it is a natural stone, its size and color can vary even if purchased from the same source.


This Listing is for Pair of this Gemstone

Stone - Black Onyx
Size - 11.5x40.5 mm
Shape - Taper
Weight - 40 Carats
Treatment - No Treatment

100% natural & genuine
Measurements and weight are close approximations.

*Note: Color may vary due to characteristics of the natural stone.

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