Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is transparent labradorite, a closely related feldspar mineral with sheen in a variety of iridescent colors. Although it's technically not moonstone, it's similar enough that the trade has accepted it as a gem in its own right. Today some people prefer it to traditional moonstones.

Rainbow Moonstone

What is rainbow moonstone gemstone?

A rainbow moonstone is a milky stone that emits calming and relaxing energy. It has an iridescent quality and is known for its colour flashes. Moonstone rainbow crystal can range from a milky white to a marbled black and white pattern. It is a popular stone used to align all the rainbow moonstone chakra in order to bring about a place of balance and calm.

What are the different types of rainbow moonstone gemstone?

Blue Moonstone

The blue moonstone with its floating blue color on the surface is transparent and crystal clear. The most desirable rocks are of the strongest blue colour.

Rainbow Moonstone

The Rainbow Moonstone beads emerges from the empty orthoclastic inclusions and textures and has a milky patchy look.

Green Moonstone

Green moon is not as well recognized as a rainbow or a blue moon as the color game, but it’s still a lovely stone.

Pink Rainbow Moonstone

The term pink encompasses color, varying from honey to beige to peach. The stone has a white shine and often is seen with the appearance of a cat’s eye or a star.

White Rainbow Moonstone

White rainbow moonstone encourage lucid dreaming and promote emotional openness to new experience. This openness is part of how moonstone is thought to relieve stress--by calming the mind and soothing the spirit.

Black Rainbow Moonstone

Black Moonstone enables one to be aware of one's subconscious and allows one to consistently act from this intuition.

What are the properties of rainbow moonstone gemstones?

The best known rainbow moonstone metaphysical properties are the stone’s ability to offer mental clarity and shield its owner from negative energies. This connector of body and mind is said to bring balance and harmony to create an environment where creativity can flow. The rainbow moonstone hardness falls between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale. 

Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Moonstone is often called the visionary's stone. It helps us see things more clearly. Rainbow moonstone is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope while enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence. faceted rainbow moonstone beads

Faceted rainbow moonstone beads is believed to help strengthen intuition and psychic perception, especially offering us visions of things that aren't immediately obvious. Because it helps us avoid tunnel vision, we are able to see other possibilities. 

Rainbow Moonstone Geological Properties

Moonstone is a feldspar with a pearly and opalescent schiller. The natural rainbow moonstone beads is composed of the feldspar species, orthoclase and albite. After the two species are intermingled the newly formed mineral cools and the two species separate into layers 

The rainbow moonstone is known for its healing properties. Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness. Rainbow moonstone crystal enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matter

Where is rainbow moonstone found?

The finest moonstones are found mainly in Sri Lanka and Southern India. Other varieties occur Australia, Armenia, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States. The rainbow variety of moonstone can be found in India and Madagascar.

What are the colors available in rainbow moonstone gemstones?

Tumbled rainbow moonstone has a transparent, white color similar to “moonshine” which, when rolled, rolls or floats over the stone, which is why the term is called “moonstone.” A rainbow moonstone is typically a creamy translucent white stone with occasional (particularly blue) iridescent or painted flashes that vary from opaque to semitranslucent. However, the moonstone Rainbow is best seen for playing color in the natural light

Where to buy rainbow moonstone gemstone?

You can buy rainbow moonstone bulk from various sources, such as:

  • Jewelry stores
  • Online gemstone retailers
  • Gem and mineral shows
  • rainbow moonstone beads wholesale dealers

Also, while choosing rainbow moonstone beads for sale be sure to purchase from reputable sellers to check the quality and authenticity to ensure that it is genuine gemstone beads. Therefore buy rainbow moonstone bulk from reputed sellers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is rainbow moonstone a gemstone?

A: Moonstone is a gemstone made from feldspar, which is a mineral of the Earth's crust.

Q: Who should wear rainbow moonstone?

A: It holds mystical and remarkable rainbow moonstone properties to bring calmness, peace and balance in life along with uplifting the living standard of its wearer. It is a semi-precious stone or upratna for Pearls. The moonstone is best suited for the zodiac sign, Cancer. It is considered as the master healer for women. It works towards enhancing the quality of Cancerians, especially those who are loyal and attached to their family. 

Q: What signs can wear moonstone?

A: There are countless benefits of rainbow moonstone. Rainbow moonstone benefits by providing powerful energy and has an affinity with Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces astrological signs.

Q: Which stone should not wear with moonstone?

A: Here are some other gemstones that should be strictly not worn together. Never wear a Ruby in the same product which contains garnet, sapphire, diamond, or a cat's eye. Do not make the mistake of combining moon with Rahu and Ketu, hence do not wear pearls, moonstone, opal with quartz.

Q: Is rainbow moonstone rare?

A: Moonstone is rare in both large size and fine quality, but Indian material with strong body color is abundant and very inexpensive. This is fortunate because the material is usually well-cut and very attractive. Blue rainbow moonstone the most valuable kind, rarely occurs in sizes over 15-20 carats.

Q: Which moonstone is best?

A: The most expensive moonstone today is the rainbow moonstone, an awe-inspiring specimen with a soft, blue luster on the surface and an incredible dispersion of shimmer.  This is a crossbreed between moonstone and labradorite and is the highest-quality moonstone available.

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