Pink Spinel Gemstone

Spinel is typically prized by gem experts, and well-formed spinel crystals are highly sought after by collectors. Although spinel comes in a variety of hues, red and pink are the most prominent in terms of trade. Spinels with pink or violet hues are very attractive, and some blue spinel hues can be very intense. Due to their single refractive property, excellent transparency, and vivid pastel-pink hues, Pink Spinel gemstones are incredibly rare and exquisite gemstones.

Spinel is rarer than Sapphire but unexpectedly also more affordable; given equivalent conditions, a Pink Spinel will cost significantly less than a Pink Sapphire of comparable grade. Spinel is typically cleaner and brighter than Sapphire.

Pink Spinel

What is a pink spinel gemstone?

Pink spinel is a mineral with gem quality. The rare pink spinel crystal that resembles a ruby is the most prized and sought-after of these types of sun shades. Positive sun-shade spinels are prized as superb healing gemstones while other spinels are used to create magnificent jewelry. 

Small, twinned crystals with an octahedron shape are the most common form of pink spinel. It is a magnesium aluminum oxide mineral that is widely used in aggregates and rounded grains. October's birthstone Pink spinel is very well-liked by healers all over the world. It is known to promote restoration, recovery, and defense. Pink spinel is thought to bring love and nobility to its wearer.

What are pink spinel gemstones used for?

Spinel is only used significantly as a gemstone. It is great in that use, though. The color, brilliance, toughness, and durability of spinel are exceptional. It is ideal for almost any kind of use in jewelry.

Pink spinel gemstones, also known as salmon spinel, are prized for their lovely pink tones, which range from violetish pink to light pink, neon pink, pale pink, and deep pink. It is worn to balance the Heart Chakra and is recognized as the stone of compassion astrologically

What are the properties of pink spinel gemstones?

Geological properties

Magnesium aluminum oxide is a mineral found in spinel, along with a variety of other impurities that affect the color. Chromium causes red, pink, and orange spinel to form. Isometric crystal systems can be found in spinel gemstones. In this gem, two octahedral crystals twin together at the base, a phenomenon known as spinel twinning. The opacity of spinel gemstones ranges from translucent to opaque, and they can have a vitreous, submetallic, or dull luster.

Metaphysical Properties

The gemstone that most people first identify with love is a diamond, although red spinel might be a better choice. The gemstone that most people first identify with love is a diamond, although red spinel might be a better choice. Spinel gems are thought to aid in putting one's ego aside and focusing on another person. 

Spinel, like the majority of fiery red stones, is thought to promote strong passion, commitment, and longevity. Spinel is useful for boosting physical vitality and stamina because it is linked to the root chakra. Considering that spinel is thought to improve memory and intellectual ability, it appears that it also has an impact on mental endurance.

Where is the pink spinel gemstone found?

Pink spinel deposits can be found near Mahenge in Tanzania's Morogoro Region's Ulanga District. The gemstone reserves near the town of Mahenge were first discovered in 1989. The limestone plateau is renowned for producing beautiful spinel. The complete naturalness of pink spinel adds to its rarity.

Pink spinel from Burma and Tanzania (Mahenge) continues to command a high price due to its extravagant beauty and extreme rarity.

Where to buy pink spinel gemstones in the USA?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a spinel gem expensive?

A: Spinel is rare because there is a very limited supply of it. Compared to rubies or diamonds, spinel is less expensive. In contrast to many other semi-precious gems and pieces of jewelry, it is, however, expensive. The spinel with the best grade frequently comes from Myanmar, with alternative mining locations in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tanzania, Madagascar, and other places.

Q: How can you tell if a pink spinel is real?

A: Putting spinel under a UV radiation light is the best way to determine whether it is genuine or not. A long-wave setting should be used to search for any particularly glowing stones. If the stones shine, they are artificial rather than natural. 

Q: What color spinel is the most expensive?

A: Different shades of spinel are rarer and more expensive than others. The most sought-after gemstones are typically red, beautiful cobalt blue, intense hot pink, and vivid orange stones.

Stones are typically less desirable and in lower demand when compared to other, rarer colors, such as violet and bluish-purple to purple or lavender.

Q: Which is better, spinel or sapphire?

A: There are clear differences to take into consideration when contrasting these two gemstones geologically. As corundum rates a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, only diamond is tougher; sapphires are said to be harder. Spinel is graded between 7.5 and 8. Sapphire is twice as hard as spinel because of the non-linear nature of the Mohs hardness scale. Spinel is still a fairly durable stone with good toughness and stability.

Both gemstones are strong and long-lasting, making them suitable for everyday wear. 

Q: What is the rarest gem on Earth?

A: Painite: Painite holds the Guinness World Record for being both the rarest mineral and gemstone on earth. Painite was discovered in Burma by British gemologist Arthur Charles Davy Pain in 1951 and was unknown for several years after that. There were only two examples of Painite. As of 2004, less than two dozen gemstones were known.

Q: What is the second strongest gemstone?

A: Following diamonds, moissanite is the second-hardest mineral found in nature. Moissanite from the northern Israel Mount Carmel region has colors ranging from dark blue to light green. Aurélien Delaunay took the picture. The term "moissanite" refers to the numerous crystalline polymorphs of naturally occurring silicon carbide.

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