Hyalite Opal

Where is Hyalite Opal found?

Fortunately, we can find hyalite opal all over the globe. But it is mainly located in pegmatite rocks, fumaroles, and volcanic chambers. We can discover opal hyalite in Afghanistan, France, Norway, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the USA, and Australia.

Hyalite Opal Gemstone Colors

Opal Hyalite is a rare and colorless crystal with strong greenish fluorescence that looks like classy glass.

Hyalite Opal Gemstone Cuts and Shapes

A raw and rough Hyalite opal is astonishing, and its natural shape is enough to command attention. Thereby, many hyalite opals are in the original geode form. Subsequently, we might see the authentic uncut hyalite opal in many occult shops or modern artsy living rooms.

Hyalite opal values, the more transparent, the better. We can expect more translucent varieties to be cut into soft cabochons. However, the faceted opal gemstone is rare and expensive.

Properties of Hyalite Opal gemstone

Hyalite opal gemstone is clear and colorless and has a rounded shape. It is an unshaped form of silica and volcanic sublimate. It contains 3 to 8% of water. Therefore it is considered a mineraloid. Surprisingly, the opal hyalite gemstone can exhibit fluorescence in daylight conditions which are uncommon but eye-catching.

Healing properties of Hyalite Opal

You will be amazed at hyalite opal gemstones help us physically, mentally, and spiritually in many ways.

Just hold a colorless glassy hyalite opal to get your focus back on its other emotional benefits are,

Improve confidence.
Connect with emotions and desires.
Discover emotional stability.
Enhance communication skills and concentration.
Conversely, hyalite also goes by its name, "Waterstone." It influences our body's water content and supports hydration, improving our eyes, skin, and hair. It also connects to our crown chakra and enhances creativity and mental clarity.

Hyalite opal is also known for supporting a love life and is thought to improve the ability to attract a partner with lust and seduction. So if you are hoping to meet someone special, try to get your hands on a rare green hyalite opal stone. You can channel all healing vibes when you shop for hyalite opal jewelry or decoration.

Where to buy Hyalite Opal Gemstone?

Faceted opal hyalite gemstones highlight some gorgeous and attractive attributes of the beloved opal gemstones. With a calm and stunning fluorescence and glass-like purity, you will fall in love with these hyalite gemstones.

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1. Is hyalite opal dangerous?
Hyalite opal contains a tiny amount of radioactivity that contributes to its impressive color-changing feature, but it isn't dangerous.

2. How much is hyalite opal worth?

The value and price of hyalite opals depend on their fluorescence and appearance.

You may find colorless hyalite opal at a reasonable price. On the other hand, a green or blue hyalite opal will likely be more expensive. Moreover, its size, clarity, and cut also play when estimating its value.

3.Can Hackmanite change color?

Yes, it can certainly change its color. Usually, hyalite opal is transparent and slightly yellow under normal light, but it can glow a dramatic deep green color under UV light or sunlight.

4. Is hyalite opal ma-made?

Yes, synthetic or lab-produced opals also exist. It has been modified with additional materials and chemicals.

5. What type of rock is hyalite opal?

Hyalite opal is an amorphous silica formed by volcanic sublimation and pegmatite rock. Therefore, it is considered a mineraloid.

Is all hyalite opal tenebrescent?
No, all hyalite opals aren't tenebrescent. But it has greenish-solid fluorescence.

What is hyalite opal?

Hyalite opal is a type of opal that is colorless or white and has a glassy or waxy luster. It is named after the Greek word "hyalos," which means glass, due to its transparent appearance.

Where is hyalite opal found?

Hyalite opal is found in various locations around the world, including Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and the United States.

What are the properties of hyalite opal?

Hyalite opal has a hardness of 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale and a specific gravity of 1.98-2.20. It is often fluorescent under ultraviolet light and can be easily confused with other types of clear gemstones such as quartz or glass.

How is hyalite opal used?

Hyalite opal is often used in jewelry making and as a decorative gemstone due to its unique appearance and transparency. It can also be used for healing purposes in crystal therapy as it is believed to have cleansing and purifying properties.

Is hyalite opal rare?

While not as well-known as other types of opals, hyalite opals are not considered particularly rare but are still highly valued by collectors and jewelry makers due to their unique appearance.

Hyalite opals are an incredible gemstone with many unique metaphysical properties that have been harnessed by people since ancient times. From unlocking inner strength and personal power to connecting us with nature on a deeper level, these stones have much to offer those who wear them regularly. Jewelry designers should consider incorporating hyalite opals into their designs in order to take advantage of these amazing metaphysical benefits!

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