Natural Malachite Leaf Carving Loose Gemstone, 20x20 mm, Malachite Carving Jewelry Making Gemstone, Pair ( 2 Pieces )

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The extraordinary and unique Malachite gemstone exhibits splendid healing properties. Malachite is a lovely green-hued gemstone with green spots of peacock feathers on its surface. It displays a vitreous luster and excellent durability. Malachite is the stone of protection, and it is known for its remarkable physical, metaphysical, and healing properties. Malachite gemstone gains a reputable place in astrology as well as in jewelry making because of its authentic appearance and phenomenal features. Malachite is easily identified because of its distinctive, concentric rings. Malachite is a wonderful luxury gemstone that pairs well with copper, gold, or silver. The green Malachite colors are so rich that they can be integrated into contemporary jewelry designs, tribal jewelry, and even vintage designs.  The round approximation size of this bead is between 20x220 mm. Since it is a natural stone, its size and color can vary even if purchased from the same source.

Stone - Malachite
Size - 20x20 mm
Shape - Leaf
Weight - 21.79 Carats
Treatment - No Treatment

100% natural & genuine
Measurements and weight are close approximations.

*Note: Color may vary due to characteristics of the natural stone.

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