What is Black Onyx Gemstone?

Black Onyx is a black-colored gemstone, a type of mineral in the quartz family. It's formed in lava gas cavities and contains iron and carbon. Onyx black color is used in jewelry making and carving and is valued for its beauty, symbolic significance, and protective properties. It's popular for men's jewelry, especially for rings and cufflinks.

Black Onyx Gemstones

What are the properties of Black Onyx Stone?

Black Onyx is believed to have various properties and benefits, including:

Protection: It is believed to have protective properties and is often used as a talisman to ward off negative energy.

Grounding: Black Onyx gem is said to have grounding properties, which can help individuals feel more connected to the earth and present in the moment.

Strength: Super black onyx is associated with strength, courage, and determination. Wearing Black Onyx may help boost confidence and inner strength.

Healing: It is believed to aid in physical and emotional healing by promoting positive energy flow and easing anxiety.

Spiritual connection: It is believed to aid in spiritual transformation and the development of psychic abilities.

Where is Black Onyx Stone found?

Black Onyx is found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, and the United States. Significant deposits are in Brazil and India. It is often found in association with other minerals such as sapphires and rubies in Madagascar. In the US, it's found in California, Arizona, and Montana.

What is Black Onyx Stone used for?

Here's a list of common black onyx stone benefits

  • Jewelry making
  • Carving
  • Decorative purposes
  •  Protects the wearer from negative energy
  • Grounding and mental clarity
  • Meditation and spiritual practices
  • Crystal healing for physical and emotional healing
  • Treatment of skin disorders, and hormonal imbalances
  • Alleviating anxiety and depression

What color is Black Onyx Stone?

Black Onyx is mainly black, but it has white bands or stripes that give it a banded appearance. The stripes can be thick or thin and can vary in intensity, making each stone unique. When the stone is polished, it can have a shiny or dull surface.

Where to buy Black Onyx Stone?

You can buy black onyx material from various sources, such as:

Also, while you choose to buy black onyx gemstone online be sure to purchase from reputable sellers to check the quality and authenticity to ensure that it is genuine stones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should wear black onyx?

A: Black Onyx is often associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo in astrology, with people born under this sign thought to experience increased luck, wealth, and happiness when wearing the stone. Capricorns and Leos may also benefit from Black Onyx. It is believed that the Onyx birthstone is for December and astrological birthstone is for Leo. 

The gemstone is believed to have grounding and protective properties that can help eliminate negative feelings, making it an attractive option for those seeking simplicity in their lives.

While Black Onyx stone can be worn by anyone, it may be particularly useful for practical individuals who live their lives according to straightforward principles.

Q: How much is a black onyx gem worth?

A: The value of a faceted black onyx gemstone can vary widely depending on several factors such as size, quality, and origin. Generally, smaller black onyx stones can be found for a few dollars, while larger and higher quality stones can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, the black onyx stone price per carat can range from Rs 100 per carat to Rs 500 per carat.

Q: What is black onyx stone good for?

A: Black onyx gemstone has long been thought to possess various metaphysical properties that can be beneficial to those who wear it. Black onyx benefits in promoting grounding and stability, making it an excellent stone for those who struggle with feelings of anxiety or restlessness. Black onyx is also said to offer protection from negative energies and to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Additionally, it is thought to provide physical strength and stamina, enhance focus and mental clarity, and promote inner strength and willpower. 

Q: What powers does black onyx have?

A: In spiritual and metaphysical practices, black onyx is believed to have several powers. It is considered a powerful protective stone that can shield the wearer from negative energy and evil influences. Black onyx is also said to promote inner strength, emotional balance, and self-control, making it a popular stone for meditation and grounding. Additionally, it is believed to enhance intuition, focus, and mental clarity, making it useful for decision-making and problem-solving. In some cultures, black onyx is also associated with physical healing properties and is used to treat ailments such as skin disorders, hormonal imbalances, and immune system deficiencies. Overall, black onyx is considered a versatile and powerful stone with many potential benefits.

Q: How can you tell black onyx is real?

A: Here are some ways to determine if a black onyx is real:

Conduct a scratch test: Use a sharp object to scratch the surface of the stone. If the onyx is genuine, it will not show any signs of damage.

Check for natural imperfections: Real black onyx will typically have some natural imperfections, such as small cracks or lines, which can help identify it from a fake.

Conduct a light test: Hold the black onyx up to a light source and observe if the stone appears to be transparent. Genuine black onyx is not transparent, and light should not pass through it easily.

Test the weight: Real black onyx is relatively dense and heavy, so if the stone feels lightweight, it may be a fake.

Seek a professional appraisal: If you're still unsure, take the black onyx to a reputable jeweler or gemologist for an appraisal. They can use various testing methods to determine the authenticity of the stone.

Q: Is black onyx waterproof?

A: Black onyx is a porous stone and it can absorb water if it is not treated properly. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear black onyx jewelry while swimming or bathing, as prolonged exposure to water can damage the stone and affect its appearance. It is also not advisable to clean black onyx with water, as it can cause discoloration or other damage. Instead, it is recommended to clean black onyx with a soft cloth or a jewelry cleaning solution specifically designed for use with onyx.

Q: Black Onyx vs Black Diamond?

A: Black onyx and black diamond are two black gemstones, but they differ in their composition and value. Black onyx is a type of chalcedony that is treated to enhance its color and durability, making it affordable and commonly used in jewelry. Black diamond is a naturally occurring diamond with inclusions that give it a deep, dark color and high value, often used in luxury jewelry. Black diamond has a hardness measure of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale whereas black onyx hardness ranks at 6 – 7 on the Mohs scale.

Q: Which metal should be paired with Black Onyx?

A: Black Onyx can be paired with various metals, depending on personal preference and style. Some of the most popular metals to pair with Black Onyx include silver, gold, and platinum. Silver is a classic choice and offers a sleek and understated look, while gold can provide a more luxurious and elegant feel. Platinum is a durable and hypoallergenic metal that can complement the deep black color of the Black Onyx stone.

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