What is australian opal stone?

Australian opal stone is a type of precious gemstone that is found primarily in Australia. It is valued for its unique play of colors, which is a result of the way that light diffracts through the tiny silica spheres that make up the stone. Australian opals come in a range of colors, including white, black, grey, brown, and green, and can have a variety of patterns and shapes.

Australian Opal

What are the properties of australian opal stone?

Australian Opal Geological Properties

Opals come in three natural varieties: opalescent precious opal, fire opal (yellow to red-orange) and the generally opaque common opal. Precious opals display a unique opalescence. Depending on the angle of view, rainbow-like flashes of different colors appear, caused by light reflecting off of extremely small spheres of cristobalite within the silica gel. The phenomenon is called interference.

Australian Opal Metaphysical Properties

Australian opal benefits in bringing balance and harmony to your being. Its powerful internal energy encourages you to face your innermost self with courage and strength. Opal also has the ability to amplify even the smallest toughts and emotions, making them more visible to you. This gemstone helps you clear away any mental or emotional clutter that may be hindering your progress.

Where is Australian Opal Stone found?

Natural Australian opal stone is primarily found in the remote and arid regions of Australia, particularly in the states of South Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales. Some of the most famous opal mines in Australia include the Lightning Ridge mine in New South Wales, the Coober Pedy mine in South Australia, and the Queensland Boulder Opal fields.

What is Australian Opal stone used for?

Australian opal stone is used for a variety of purposes, both practical and decorative. Here are some common uses of Australian opal:

Jewelry: Australian opal is a popular gemstone used in jewelry making, particularly in necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Healing: Australian opal is believed to have healing properties that can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

Decorative purposes: Australian crystal opal is often used for decorative purposes, such as in sculptures, ornaments, and other art forms. It can add a unique and colorful touch to any space.

What color is australian opal stone?

Australian opal beads can come in a wide range of colors, from white and pale yellows to oranges, reds, pinks, purples, blues, greens, and even black.

Where to buy australian opal stone?

You can buy australian opal stones from various sources, such as:

  • Jewelry stores
  • Australian opal rough wholesale dealers
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  • Bulk Australian opal stones for sale 

Also, while you choose australian opal beads for sale be sure to purchase from reputable sellers to check the quality and authenticity to ensure that it is genuine stones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is special about Australian opals?

A: Loose Australian opals are highly prized and sought-after gemstones for several reasons. One of the most unique features of Australian opals is the colors, that is caused by the diffraction of light within the stone. Opal Australian gemstones create a beautiful and mesmerizing display of colors that can change depending on the angle of the stone and the lighting. Each type of opal has its own unique characteristics, making Australian opals highly versatile and desirable for jewelry makers, collectors, and enthusiasts alike. Overall, the play of colors, rarity, and variety of types make Australian opals one of the most special and highly coveted gemstones in the world.

Q: What is the difference between opal and Australian opal?

A: There are several differences between opal and opal australian gemstones. First and foremost, Loose Australian opals are generally considered to be some of the rarest and most valuable types of australian opal due to its unique play of colors and their limited geographic distribution. In contrast, opals from other parts of the world may have different characteristics and may be more or less valuable depending on their quality and rarity.

Another difference between raw australian opal gemstone and Australian opal is their availability. While opals can be found in many parts of the world, Australian opals can only be found in certain regions of Australia, such as Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, and Andamooka.

In terms of appearance, people prefer to buy australian opal stones for their vibrant colors and striking patterns, which are caused by the diffraction of light within the stone. Overall, while opal and Australian opal gemstone are both types of the same mineral, there are significant differences in their rarity, availability, and appearance, which can affect their value and desirability.

Q: How can you tell if an opal is good quality?


  • Look for opals with bright, vibrant colors that change and shift as the stone is moved.
  • Opals with a darker body tone tend to be more valuable because they enhance the play of color.
  • Distinctive and attractive patterns can add value to an opal.
  • Opals with a high degree of clarity and transparency are generally considered more valuable.

The way an opal is cut can affect its overall appearance and value.

  • Larger opals are generally more valuable than smaller ones, although size alone is not necessarily an indicator of quality.

Q: How do you tell if an opal is Australian or Ethiopian?

A: To tell if an opal is Australian or Ethiopian, you can consider the origin, color tone, pattern, and transparency. Australian opals have a darker body tone, and intricate patterns, and can be opaque. Ethiopian opals have a lighter body tone, a uniform play of color, a simpler pattern, and are more transparent.

Q: How do you tell if an opal is real or synthetic?

A: One of the ways to tell if an opal is synthetic or genuine is to view it from the side. When viewed from the side, a synthetic opal will appear to have a very organized structure, with the color appearing in neat columns. This is because synthetic opals are composed of layers of silica spheres that have been artificially arranged. These layers create the uniform pattern and can be easily identified when viewed from the side.

By viewing the opal from the side and identifying the structure of the stone, it is possible to determine whether it is synthetic or genuine.

Q: Does real opal turn yellow?

Yes, real opal can turn yellow due to factors like age, heat, chemicals, and exposure to UV radiation. These factors can cause changes in the opal's molecular structure, leading to a change in color. 

Q: What is the rarest opal color?

A: The rarest and most valuable opal color is red. Red opals are highly prized and sought-after due to their intense, vibrant color and the rarity of finding opals with a true red body tone. Some red opals may also display flashes of other colors, such as orange or yellow, which can further increase their value. Other rare opal colors include blue-green, violet, and pink.

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