Imperial Topaz Smooth Cylinder Beads, 5x7 mm to 9x20.5 mm, Imperial Topaz Jewelry Making Beads, 18 Inches Full Strand, Price Per Strand

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Unlike regular rounded seed beads, cylinder beads look like tiny little tubes with crisp edges. These imperial topaz smooth cylinder beads have perfectly straight sides and are pretty flat across the top and bottom. Therefore, it is stacked neatly against each other, creating a flat interlocking surface when stitched together. The glass pieces have been carefully cut, drilled, and strung together but you can still see the variation in color of the ancient glass. These little beads are highly versatile and can be used as both spacers and accent beads.The round approximation size of this bead is between 2-3 x 3.5-4 mm whereas its length and weight are 18 Inches / 124 carats.  The faces of the bead reflect a large amount of light which in turn creates a magical sparkling effect. Due to the characteristics of natural stones, the product may differ in composition, color and texture even if purchased from the same source.

Stone - Imperial Topaz Gemstone
Size - 5x7 mm to 9x20.5 mm
Shape - Cylinder
Length - 18 Inches
Weight - 164 Carats

Treatment - No Treatment

100% natural & genuine
Measurements and weight are close approximations.

*Note: Color may vary due to characteristics of the natural stone.

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